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Lien + Nikki's Wedding Highlights

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Andrea + Ryan’s Wedding

Andrea + Ryan's Wedding day. from George Swar Photo & Video on Vimeo.

Wedding ceremony at Trump National Golf Club. Palos Verdes / California

Florist & coordination: NPDEvents 

Photography: Khoa Nguyen Photography & Johnathan Photography 

Cupcakes: Sprinkles Cupcakes 

DJ: Jack Chen

Officiant: Andre Ching

Photobooth: instaglam Photobooth

]]> (George Swar Photography) beach ceremony dress location outdoor wedding Sun, 27 May 2018 17:19:00 GMT
Cristina + Gary Wedidng ]]> (George Swar Photography) Fri, 06 Apr 2018 22:39:00 GMT Anna + Dan ADW18-34AADW18-34A ADW18-50AADW18-50A ADW18-73AADW18-73A ADW18-133AADW18-133A ADW18-159AADW18-159A ADW18-208AADW18-208A ADW18-241AADW18-241A ADW18-280AADW18-280A ADW18-424AADW18-424A

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Paula + Sunny Maternity Session Paula and Sunny Maternity Session


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Kat + Jeff Engagement Session KJE18-0048ALsKJE18-0048ALs KJE18-0030LsKJE18-0030Ls KJE18-0054ALsKJE18-0054ALs KJE18-0063LsKJE18-0063Ls KJE18-0069ALsKJE18-0069ALs KJE18-0095ALsKJE18-0095ALs

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Grace + David GDW1801-0205ALsGDW1801-0205ALs GDW1801-0208ALsGDW1801-0208ALs GDW1801-0243GDW1801-0243 GDW1801-0248GDW1801-0248 GDW1801-0301GDW1801-0301 GDW1801-0306LsGDW1801-0306Ls GDW1801-0350LsGDW1801-0350Ls GDW1801-0512 ALsGDW1801-0512 ALs GDW1801-0531ALsGDW1801-0531ALs

GDW1801-0579 ALsGDW1801-0579 ALs   GDW1801-0544GDW1801-0544 GDW1801-0673GDW1801-0673 GDW1801-0690 ALsGDW1801-0690 ALs GDW1801-0699ALsGDW1801-0699ALs GDW1801-0705GDW1801-0705 GDW1801-0717LsGDW1801-0717Ls GDW1801-0758GDW1801-0758 GDW1801-0853GDW1801-0853 GDW1801-0863GDW1801-0863 GDW1801-0873GDW1801-0873 GDW1801-0877GDW1801-0877 GDW1801-0885GDW1801-0885 GDW1801-0889GDW1801-0889 GDW1801-0975GDW1801-0975 GDW1801-0979GDW1801-0979 GDW1801-0983GDW1801-0983 GDW1801-0993GDW1801-0993 GDW1801-0997GDW1801-0997 GDW1801-1002GDW1801-1002 GDW1801-1128GDW1801-1128 GDW1801-1133GDW1801-1133 GDW1801-1141LsGDW1801-1141Ls GDW1801-1155SLsGDW1801-1155SLs GDW1801-1197LsGDW1801-1197Ls GDW1801-1208GDW1801-1208 GDW1801-1214ALsGDW1801-1214ALs GDW1801-1259A2LsGDW1801-1259A2Ls GDW1801-1280LsGDW1801-1280Ls

GDW1801-0697ALsGDW1801-0697ALs GDW1801-1305GDW1801-1305 GDW1801-1437LsGDW1801-1437Ls GDW1801-1509GDW1801-1509 GDW1801-1653GDW1801-1653

GDW1801-1683GDW1801-1683 GDW1801-1769GDW1801-1769 GDW1801-1794GDW1801-1794 GDW1801-1800GDW1801-1800 GDW1801-1814GDW1801-1814 GDW1801-1816GDW1801-1816 GDW1801-1817GDW1801-1817 GDW1801-1820GDW1801-1820 GDW1801-1823GDW1801-1823

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Elizabeth& Kosol's wedding highlight from George Swar Photo & Video on Vimeo.

]]> (George Swar Photography) ceremony dress location outdoor wedding Wed, 06 Dec 2017 02:53:12 GMT
Jennifer + Andre wedding  

JAW1709-V1JAW1709-V1 JAW1709-0032JAW1709-0032

JAW1709-V5JAW1709-V5 JAW1709-0047JAW1709-0047 JAW1709-0066JAW1709-0066 JAW1709-0171JAW1709-0171

JAW1709-V3JAW1709-V3 JAW1709-0225JAW1709-0225 JAW1709-0253JAW1709-0253 JAW1709-0262JAW1709-0262 JAW1709-0300JAW1709-0300 JAW1709-0314JAW1709-0314 JAW1709-0358JAW1709-0358 JAW1709-0398JAW1709-0398 JAW1709-0414JAW1709-0414

JAW1709-V2JAW1709-V2 JAW1709-0466JAW1709-0466 JAW1709-0479JAW1709-0479 JAW1709-0584JAW1709-0584 JAW1709-0724JAW1709-0724 JAW1709-0745JAW1709-0745 JAW1709-0751JAW1709-0751 JAW1709-0757JAW1709-0757 JAW1709-0770JAW1709-0770 JAW1709-0785JAW1709-0785 JAW1709-0829JAW1709-0829 JAW1709-0837JAW1709-0837 JAW1709-0844JAW1709-0844 JAW1709-0925JAW1709-0925 JAW1709-0933JAW1709-0933 JAW1709-0949JAW1709-0949 JAW1709-0958JAW1709-0958 JAW1709-1031JAW1709-1031


JAW1709-V4JAW1709-V4 JAW1709-1077JAW1709-1077 JAW1709-1145JAW1709-1145 JAW1709-1165JAW1709-1165 JAW1709-1173JAW1709-1173 JAW1709-1182JAW1709-1182 JAW1709-1195JAW1709-1195 JAW1709-1363JAW1709-1363 JAW1709-1376JAW1709-1376 JAW1709-1425JAW1709-1425 JAW1709-1577JAW1709-1577 JAW1709-1595JAW1709-1595 JAW1709-1601JAW1709-1601 JAW1709-1614JAW1709-1614 JAW1709-1625JAW1709-1625

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J+K Wedding JKW1708-0099AJKW1708-0099A

JKW1708-0077JKW1708-0077 JKW1708-0147AJKW1708-0147A JKW1708-0188JKW1708-0188 JKW1708-0192JKW1708-0192 JKW1708-0196JKW1708-0196 JKW1708-0199JKW1708-0199 JKW1708-0242JKW1708-0242 JKW1708-0248JKW1708-0248 JKW1708-0259JKW1708-0259 JKW1708-0270JKW1708-0270 JKW1708-0272JKW1708-0272 JKW1708-0277JKW1708-0277 JKW1708-0282JKW1708-0282 JKW1708-0294JKW1708-0294 JKW1708-0313JKW1708-0313 JKW1708-0325JKW1708-0325 JKW1708-0341JKW1708-0341 JKW1708-0354JKW1708-0354 JKW1708-0369AJKW1708-0369A JKW1708-0379JKW1708-0379 JKW1708-0386JKW1708-0386 JKW1708-0393JKW1708-0393 JKW1708-0407JKW1708-0407 JKW1708-0413JKW1708-0413 JKW1708-0596JKW1708-0596 JKW1708-0659JKW1708-0659 JKW1708-0748JKW1708-0748 JKW1708-0752AJKW1708-0752A JKW1708-0894JKW1708-0894 JKW1708-1011JKW1708-1011 JKW1708-1034JKW1708-1034 JKW1708-1148JKW1708-1148 JKW1708-1341JKW1708-1341 JKW1708-1347JKW1708-1347 JKW1708-1390AJKW1708-1390A

]]> (George Swar Photography) ceremony dress location outdoor wedding Sat, 19 Aug 2017 23:07:00 GMT
M+R Wedding MRW1707-0001-2MRW1707-0001-2



MRW1707-0229MRW1707-0229 MRW1707-0073MRW1707-0073 MRW1707-0074MRW1707-0074

MRW1707-D02MRW1707-D02 MRW1707-0349MRW1707-0349 MRW1707-0377MRW1707-0377 MRW1707-0493MRW1707-0493 MRW1707-0505MRW1707-0505 MRW1707-0521MRW1707-0521

MRW1707-0666MRW1707-0666 MRW1707-0676-EditMRW1707-0676-Edit MRW1707-0720MRW1707-0720 MRW1707-0741-EditMRW1707-0741-Edit MRW1707-0843MRW1707-0843 MRW1707-0847MRW1707-0847 MRW1707-0972MRW1707-0972 MRW1707-0975MRW1707-0975 MRW1707-1108MRW1707-1108 MRW1707-1301MRW1707-1301 MRW1707-1319MRW1707-1319 MRW1707-1327MRW1707-1327



]]> (George Swar Photography) beach ceremony dress location longbeach outdoor reef wedding Sat, 08 Jul 2017 00:49:00 GMT
Jessica & Khoa prewedding JKE-427AJKE-427A JKE-497AJKE-497A JKE-187AJKE-187A JKE-192AJKE-192A JKE-251AJKE-251A JKE-303AJKE-303A JKE-323AJKE-323A JKE-333AJKE-333A JKE-355AJKE-355A JKE-367AJKE-367A



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W+I Pre-wedding WIE-26AWIE-26A




]]> (George Swar Photography) Mon, 10 Apr 2017 01:45:00 GMT
V+R Wedding

V+R Wedding from George Swar Photo & Video on Vimeo.

]]> (George Swar Photography) Tustin course golf outdoor ranch wedding weddings Thu, 16 Mar 2017 03:15:46 GMT
Rony and Ellianna

A Beautiful Wedding Ceremony of Rony and Ellianna. from George Swar Photo & Video on Vimeo.

George Swar (, Video: Htut Hteik, Wedding Officiant: Eric Schwartz

]]> (George Swar Photography) beach ceremony cliff dress location malibu outdoor point+dume wedding Tue, 28 Feb 2017 20:49:38 GMT
Fullerton courthouse Fullerton courthouse civil ceremony by Edurado

Bahram-10BBahram-10B Bahram-50Bahram-50 Bahram-56Bahram-56 Bahram-59Bahram-59 Bahram-61Bahram-61 Bahram-97Bahram-97 Bahram-105Bahram-105 Bahram-116Bahram-116 Bahram-118Bahram-118 Bahram-147Bahram-147 Bahram-151Bahram-151 Bahram-196BBahram-196B Bahram-232Bahram-232 Bahram-235Bahram-235 Bahram-254Bahram-254 Bahram-264Bahram-264 Bahram-302Bahram-302 Bahram-319Bahram-319 Bahram-325Bahram-325 Bahram-330Bahram-330 Bahram-356Bahram-356 Bahram-362Bahram-362 Bahram-365Bahram-365 Bahram-373Bahram-373


=== Read Bahram M.'s review of George Swar Photography on Yelp

]]> (George Swar Photography) fullerton+courthouse wedding Thu, 23 Feb 2017 18:25:16 GMT
J+A engagement session JAE-107-Edit-2JAE-107-Edit-2 JAE-183-Edit-2JAE-183-Edit-2 JAE-210-Edit-2JAE-210-Edit-2 JAE-248-Edit-2JAE-248-Edit-2

]]> (George Swar Photography) beach engagement laguna lighthouse location love photo photographer photos pre-wedding prewedding romance session socal sunset victoria wedding Sat, 31 Dec 2016 07:16:13 GMT
Season Greetings2016 SeasonGreetings2016SeasonGreetings2016

]]> (George Swar Photography) Greetings Season Swar awesomesunset band family. from gopro gopro4 horse landmark outdoor photography selfie shoe sunset Thu, 22 Dec 2016 17:24:07 GMT

V&J from George Swar Photo & Video on Vimeo.

]]> (George Swar Photography) beach long outdoor video wedding Wed, 14 Dec 2016 19:46:55 GMT